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Social Media connects you to your audiences on their terms.

The digital 'neighborhoods' may change but the need for people to connect and communicate won't. If anything, the sharing economy is driving deeper and deeper peer-to-peer communication.

Companies have realized the importance of listening, initiating conversations and engaging with their audiences where they spend their time, not on their own websites (that comes later). Marketers must engage with great care - measuring success differently than with a lead-gen assignment (that comes later). It's one thing to launch a Facebook page, quite another to have a long term content-driven engagement strategy behind it. Whether we're developing that strategy or executing yours, we'll both draw from our experiences to ensure successful outcomes. Affordably.


Driving User-Centric Results

Zycom Technologies Service & Delivery Center is headquartered in the National Capital Region of New Delhi, India. We offer digital marketing and consulting services for businesses across the globe. With our in-depth understanding of global economic and cultural environments, we can align with your multinational needs.

We're growing fast by eliminating surprises and delighting our clients! We realize that your customers expect beautiful, functional, feature-rich design and creative along with meaningful content to keep them engaged to your brand. You're the content experts. You know your audience. You've defined your business goals. We align then execute.