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Social Media connects you to your audiences on their terms.

The digital 'neighborhoods' may change but the need for people to connect and communicate won't. If anything, the sharing economy is driving deeper and deeper peer-to-peer communication.

Companies have realized the importance of listening, initiating conversations and engaging with their audiences where they spend their time, not on their own websites (that comes later). Marketers must engage with great care - measuring success differently than with a lead-gen assignment (that comes later). It's one thing to launch a Facebook page, quite another to have a long term content-driven engagement strategy behind it. Whether we're developing that strategy or executing yours, we'll both draw from our experiences to ensure successful outcomes. Affordably.


Driving User-Centric Results

ZycomTech started its journey as a digital marketing agency in 2016 and has created a niche for itself within a short span of time. Awarded as the Company of the Year 2020, we offer services in the online and creative space. Our services include web development, web design, mobile app development, search engine optimization and social media services. In addition to this, ZycomTech offers various creative services including logo design, brochure/catalogue design, professionally created/enhanced power point presentations, marketing strategy and consulting, videos and animation, product shoot, video editing, brand consulting services and talent acquisition.

Registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), ZycomTech is the answer to all your marketing needs and innovative technology solutions. Whether you have a product to launch or you are offering services to your customers, we at ZycomTech will prepare a robust marketing plan and execute it in the most efficient manner for your success.

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